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Study MBBS in Russia

Welcome to Study in MBBS in Russia section, over here you will find everything you need to know before studying in the Russia.

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  1. Top Reasons to Study MBBS in Russia
  2. Education System in Russia
  3. Cost of Study for MBBS in Russia
  4. Admission Process for Studying MBBS Course in Russia
  5. Opportunities after MBBS from Russia

Top Reasons to Study MBBS in Russia

  1. Low Cost of Medical Education: Apart from the fact that Russia has been the preferred destination for MBBS aspirants from India for a number of years now, the biggest factor for such a large number of students wanting to do their MBBS in Russia is the low cost of education which guarantees quality. The low cost of fees offered by the universities/colleges can be completed with by a few countries only. The number of medical colleges who have opened their doors for Indian students is high and each college has a good number of seats available with them. The student can study MBBS in Russia for a cost as low as ₹2.5-3 Lakh per year which is a great return on investment.
  2. Globally Recognized Degree: The MBBS degree a student will get after completing his/her MBBS in Russia will be globally recognized and accredited by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and WHO making the students eligible to practice the medical profession in any country they wish to, subject to fulfillment and complying with the eligibility criteria of the respective country.
  3. MCI Training: Students are trained for the MCI Screening Test so that they can practice in India and there is no additional cost for this training for students who take admission through Global Medical Foundation.
  4. No Language Problem: The medical course is taught in English and the student will also be taught the Russian language so that they can converse with the local patients during their clinical internships. This gives the students an international exposure which they would otherwise lack and also instills a sense of professionalism which is imperative in the practice and discharge of this high sought after profession. During the final three years, experienced doctors and surgeons already working in hospitals will act as teachers and start to work with the students. The students get on the job training and exposure which is very valuable. Students get the right guidance and are the taught the all-important work ethic which they need to follow in order to be successful as a doctor. This lays down a strong foundation or base for each student.
  5. Other Screening Test Coaching: Every student will receive coaching for the MCI screening test. If the student wishes to practice in the US, then he/she is also coached for the USMLE examination in advance.
  6. Hostel Facility: The hostels are centrally heated; there will be no problem to the students during the winter season. Hot water will be available to the students.
  7. Low-Class Strength: The strength of the batch is between 12-15 students. Every student gets individual attention of the teachers. All the students will be Indian in the class.
  8. Practice in Russia: After graduating, the student can start practicing in Russia without the need to sit for any licensing exam. 

Education System in Russia

Education in Russia is taken care by the Ministry of Education while some are also regulated by other ministries like Ministry of Healthcare, Ministry of Railway Transportation, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of International Affairs and many more. The education structure in Russia is similar to what is being followed here in India:

  • MCI Recognition: As per the rules of the Medical Council of India, an Indian student wishing to pursue MBBS in Russia or any other country after completing his MBBS course only from a university that is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UNESCO. If the student wishes to return and practice in India, they are required to pass a qualifying test known as a screening test. This rule is universally applicable to all students, regardless of the country from where the student completes his or her MBBS course. 

Cost of Studying MBBS in Russia 

Russia is perfect for students who are worried about high expenses in a foreign land. Cost of your stay during study period is quite low if compared to other European countries. In fact, it may cost you same what you would have spent for your living in India.

Estimate of Studying MBBS in Russia
Expenses Type Estimate (Per Year)
Tuition Fees:  RUB 2,18,000
(INR 2,50,000 approx.)
Living Expenses (Accommodation,
Food, telephone, internet etc.)
RUB 1,50,000
(INR 1,70,000 approx.)
Miscellaneous fees: RUB 14,000
(INR 16,000 approx.)
(INR  approx.)
NOTE: Currency Details: 1 Russian Ruble (RUB) = 1.15 Indian Rupees (INR)



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